Qualified TMO

Due to increasing workload across the business, Contraflow Ltd has a number of opportunities throughout our depot network for experienced Traffic Management Operatives to work on regular AND High Speed Roads.

Salary listed above is based on an average 55 hour working week and on pay rates starting at £10 p/h (basic) for a qualified TMO to £15.50 for a Senior Chargehand with HGV.

Average working week in Contraflow is between 55-65 hours and there is no set shift pattern.

At Contraflow we want to provide the best quality of service to clients so training and development opportunities are available.

We want the Operative workforce to be proud of the work that they do and we are striving to take feedback from the workforce at all times to make improvements to pay, shift notification and the ‘work / life’ balance. This is not easy and, as an experienced Operative, you will already know that shifts can change frequently and this will always be the case.

Working in Traffic Management is hard, it can be unsociable and it can place a strain on out-of-work commitments but our Operations Planner will try where possible to accommodate your needs. This is made easier by having a workforce that is flexible but also committed to helping each other out when they can.

All applications will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.