Our Approach

Contraflow delivers effective road traffic management systems, putting our focus in customer service and a thorough and detailed approach to every job undertaken. We attribute the success of our work to this approach, taking each job from the initial planning stage, through every aspect of traffic management, to completion. We conduct individual assessments for every site to ascertain specific and detailed information, liaising with local authorities and the police in order to obtain full support and agreement on our clients’ behalf.

By utilising the latest specialised software technology available, we can generate site-specific traffic management proposals that clearly demonstrate our commitment to providing the best solutions of our clients. We utilise computer packages such as AutoCAD and the CONE software 8 in order to build in-depth drawings that clients, contractors and local authorities can all easily see and identify how the traffic management system will look and operate.

What separates Contraflow from other traffic management companies is our commitment to fostering a transparent and collaborative relationship with clients, providing them with information at every stage of the contract that ensures work is completed promptly, officially and to the specific requirements set out. We leave no stone left unturned when it comes to our implementation of road traffic management, planning and delivering systems that are safe, effective and accommodating for all parties affected; clients, authorities, police, contractors, road users and members of the public.