February 11

Looking Ahead Through 2019

Contraflow Blog 1 - Traffic Management

We here at Contraflow would like to update you with our plans for the next year, as well as introduce you to our blog and what our posts will be covering in the future.

To start, we hope that you have all had an excellent start to 2019 and are fully back in the swing of things following the festive break!  Every year brings with it a whole host of new challenges, so having some time to rest and recuperate before January is always welcome. We’ve certainly been hard at work in our office and depots in kicking off several new projects, as well as continuing the ongoing work we began in 2018 for several clients.

Over the course of the next year, we hope to keep you, our clients and followers, up to date with our ongoing activities. This will take the form of monthly news updates here on our blog, as well as regular activity on our social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. This is in order to keep the public informed of our developments, industry updates and current projects. Two of our main pillars of customer service after all are transparency and client communication.

Following on from this, we will begin to share a whole host of content on this blog, including:

We hope that all of this will work to keep people informed and provide them with snippets of our team’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to traffic management, in all its forms. All of our team are excited for what we have planned in 2019, and are looking forward to sharing content and engaging with our community of clients, followers and future customers throughout the year.